April 2017

It’s hard to believe we haven’t sent a newsletter out from the Indiana Royal Ranger office since December…It feels like it hasn’t been that long ago! We have had a busy winter and are getting ready for an awesome year in 2017!

This year we will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of our first gathering of Royal Rangers from across the state. God has been good to us here in Indiana! Here is a newsletter about what has been happening and, what we have planned this year.

2017 Ranger Derby

We had a fantastic time February 25th at The Caring Place Church! Special thanks to Outpost 3 for hosting families from across our state for a day of fun, racing, and family. This was our largest race yet with 120 racers registered to race. We started our day with a devotion from Christian Veach, an Expedition Ranger from Marion Lighthouse. Christian delivered a great challenge to us to live as closely to Jesus as we can. We had families from across Indiana there on race day. Families that have never even attended a church before had a chance to hear the gospel for the first time! Our District Grand Champion was Keara Reynolds from one of our newest churches, Outpost 204 in Bedford!

Thank you Caring Place church for hosting these families from across Indiana.


Winter Training Event

We had a great time of training in Auburn at Soul’s Harbor Assembly of God this January. We had leaders from three different churches complete their Ranger Basics training. And are now ready to take Ranger Essentials training in the Fall. Remember if you are in need of training for your Outposts, please go to the Indiana Royal Ranger website and contact our district training coordinator, Richard Himebrook!

Junior Leadership Development Academy

Robert Lewis, author of “Raising a Modern Day Knight” writes, “Boys become men in the community of men” and John Eldridge writes in “Wild at Heart”, “Masculinity is bestowed. A boy learns who he is and what he’s got from a man, or the company of men. He cannot learn it any other place”. Junior Leadership Development Academy is where young men learn that they are endowed by their Creator for a divine purpose. Junior Leadership Development Academy, or JLDA has been remade to instill this principle in the hearts of our young men. JLDA is open to any young man who in Discovery Rangers to Expedition Rangers. Over the weekend he will experience challenges that he will have to work together as a team, or patrol as we call them in rangers, to overcome.

Get more information on our Indiana Royal Ranger site!

BGMC: Catapult 700

Royal Rangers we have been challenged to answer the call to help the young men of Africa find Jesus and true masculinity. Help us raise monies for Catapult 700! Find out more from our BGMC office. Here is a video that explains the heart of Catapult 700!



July 21st- July 23rd we will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of our first district wide gathering, which was then called: Pow-Wow. It started with a call from Superintendent Charles Crank who asked Charlie Weaver to serve as our second District Commander of Indiana Royal Rangers. We will be having a special night celebrating the 40 years of our history, with special guests from our history. Names may have changed, but the heart of what this event is about has not. This is a weekend where we lead the young men of our church closer to their Savior. Make plans to attend now, all Royal Rangers are welcome! Contact Commander Mike Holbrook, our District Director with any questions! Get more information here.


Kid’s Day

Coming this fall will be custom regional events for boys and girls grades K to 2. More information will be coming soon.

District Staff

I would encourage you to visit the Indiana Royal Ranger Staff page if you have not lately. On there you will find contact information for the men that serve this wonderful state. We couldn’t have Indiana Rangers without the men that make this ministry possible! Click here to check it out.

2017 is going to be a year that you will remember. We have some awesome plans that God has laid upon our hearts as a ministry and look forward to what he would use us for. May God continue to keep His hand upon you, upon His church, and upon His Outpost. Indiana Royal Rangers…Be Intentional.

God Bless




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