Hello Pastors and Royal Ranger Leaders,

We received our first snowfall last weekend in Auburn. One thing that always amazes me about snow is its ability to envelope that which it falls upon. It’s a great illustration of the grace of our Savior, at a time when we celebrate his physical arrival into this world.  A world that though filled with discontent and many other forces that seek to neutralize the redeeming work of our Savior; can be made whole again as we allow him to blanket our life and seek his will in our life.

2016 in Review

This year was a great year to be a Royal Ranger in Indiana. This year also had its own unique obstacles that we choose to overcome as a ministry. We had a fantastic Ranger Derby at Lakeview Church in Avon this year. They have graciously hosted us for the last couple years as we invite families to unplug, work on a project together, and come spend an afternoon with brothers and sisters in Christ.  While we had many fun events this year: National Camporama, Rangerfest, FCF Spring Trace, FCF Fall Adventure, Campground Work Day, and many others, we don’t want to ever lose sight of our purpose. It isn’t about the events. The events give us opportunities to provide life shaping character choices, but the discipleship process happens when the men of a local church choose to journey with a boy on his trail to manhood. Never forget what this ministry is about. It’s more effective to lead a boy, than to fix a broken man.

2017 Calendar

Our 2017 Calendar is available on the Indiana Royal Ranger website ( One change from last year is that our Ranger Family Day will be for boys and girls from K-2, and it will be located within your division! All children in that age group will be invited and able to bring a parent. More information will be coming out in the Spring of 2017, so save the date!



Indiana Ranger Staff

I have a wonderful group of men that serve this district with integrity, passion, and diligence. I want to publicly thank these men who serve the boys and men of our churches in Indiana, and serve in leadership at their local church as well. If one of these men have encouraged you, taken time to help you, or have just been a friend to you, then please go to the staff page of our website and send them a note of encouragement and thanks!


District Office Name
Asst. District Director Dave Smith
Training Coordinator Richard Himebrook
Outreach Coordinator Jack Shiflett
Programs Coordinator Josh Price
Health & Safety Steve Strader
FCF President Ralph Fisher
FCF Vice President Key Robertson
Northeast Div. Commander Ed Knapcyzk
Northwest Div. Commander Chris Rodack
Central Div. Commander David Bush
Southeast Div. Commander Jerry Barnes

2017 Ranger Derby

Details have been mailed from the office for our 2017 Ranger Derby! Those should be arriving at your church shortly. They will also be posted to the web portal by 12/15/16. We are excited this year to be hosted by the Caring Place Church located on the east side of Indy!

We will have registration at the door, but all registrations by the event registration deadline will include lunch! All registrations the day of will not include lunch. A limited number of lunch tickets will be available on a first come first serve basis the day of the event.derby


The Nehemiah Project

God laid a vision for the Indiana Ranger Campground at Lake Placid on our heart in early 2016. Details on this project can be found on the Indiana Royal Ranger website at: When completed this facility could be used by our kid and teen camps for outdoor services, as well as any other church that wanted to use the facility. It is a place for our children to get alone with God, worship Him, and enjoy the beauty of His creation! If you have questions about this project please contact me at

We are entering into the part of the year where people make resolutions about the coming year, and personal goals of what they hope to accomplish. One goal that I have is to make the need for Royal Rangers in our current culture better throughout both our fellowship in Indiana, and other Bible believing churches in Indiana. While this may sound self-serving, my desire is not. The 2015 census told us that 22.9% of the United States population is 18 and under. That is almost ¼ of our population. Indiana’s percentage is a little higher at 23.9%. Another statistic is that 33% of children live in a home absent of their biological father. We are seeing a fatherless generation grow up, and not know what it means to be a Christ like man. Royal Rangers is a great opportunity for the men of our church to fill the gap.


However, side-by-side activities alone won’t bring about the transformation of boys into godly manhood. It requires the direct personal involvement of godly men. Robert Lewis, author of “Raising a Modern Day Knight” writes, “Boys become men in the community of men” and John Eldridge writes in “Wild at Heart”, “Masculinity is bestowed. A boy learns who he is and what he’s got from a man, or the company of men. He cannot learn it any other place”.


In order for the Church to fulfill its mission to make disciples of all nations, it’s essential that our boys be mentored by the Church’s community of godly men through an intentional process of growth and discipleship. Royal Rangers provides an excellent tool for engaging the men and boys of your church and community in the ongoing process of building Christ like men.


Indiana Royal Rangers…Be Intentional!


Michael Holbrook



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