2016 June Newsletter

Hello Pastor’s and Royal Ranger Leaders,

School is out and it is time for summer to be here! We have had some fantastic weather these last couple weeks in northeast Indiana. Looking forward to a great time at camp, with the beginning of Rangerfest in just 10 days!

I am writing this newsletter on the last day of May. It is hard to believe that this year is almost half over. So what is going on with Indiana Royal Rangers? Let’s dig in, and find out!

Campground Work Day

On May 21st we had our annual Campground Work Day  at the Lake Placid Retreat Center. We had over 20 men, young men, and a young lady come to be a blessing to our camp and the Ranger area! We were able to have some great time of fellowship at lunch time, and we made major strides in getting some new features built into the ranger camp area. Special thanks to the work crews that came from New Life of Kokomo, First Assembly of Ellettsville, and Soul’s Harbor of Auburn! Special thanks also to the Indiana District Staff which organized and lead the different work groups as we completed some great projects for the 2016 camp year!


We are just 10 days away from Rangerfest: The Spirit Awakens. Young men from across the state are invited to come and attend an action packed weekend at Rangerfest 2016! There will be group competitions for boys to compete in, individual competitions, and much more. Don’t forget the Great Pod Racer vehicle race happening on Saturday! Come expecting God to move mightily in you and all the other young men that you invite to come along.

It all starts June 10th at Lake Placid Conference Center in Hartford City, IN! Get more information on the Indiana Ranger website!


National Camporama

If you are registered for National Camporama, from an outpost in Indiana, but haven’t registered with the Indiana District, then this reminder is for you! Please make sure to register by June 13th with the Indiana District.

Outposts that do not register, will not be receiving trade items! So follow the link below and register today!


District Staff

I am pleased to announce that Jerry Barnes, from Madison First Assembly of God is joining the district team as our Southeast Divisional Commander. Jerry’s’ contact information will be appearing on the district site in the next couple of days! Please welcome him, and feel free to contact him for any Royal Ranger questions from the Southeast area of our state!


Our Junior Leadership Development Academy (JLDA) for 2016 is being reorganized to meet the new national standard for our JLDA camps. It was after much discussion by the district staff that a decision was made to suspend the JLDA program for the 2016 year.

With the new camp organization young men will be able to still meet their goal at the end of each training trail, with the loss of the 2016 JLDA year.

Our goal as a staff is to offer world class training for the young men of your outpost. That being said, JLDA will be relaunching in 2017, and it will be tooled to disciple young men to be Godly young men in their community, their church, and their homes.

Family Day

Our 2016 Family Day event is excited to be going to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. Mark your calendars to come on September 10th! More details will follow in the next newsletter!

Family Day

The Nehemiah Project 

Indiana Royal Rangers is in an exciting position! We are coming up on the 8th year since the creation of a home for Indiana Royal Rangers at Lake Placid. Through this process God has revealed a vision for the grounds, and how He would have us use it to impact the young men of our congregations. We have a generation of young men who need the men of the church to invest fully in them, as the enemy is waiting to ensnare them. Find out more about The Nehemiah Project on our website!

It is time to take back the hearts of the young men in our district. We have a vast missions field of broken young men. Young men that are hoping someone will notice them, and be willing to walk alongside them. Rise up Indiana Royal Rangers and be intentional about reaching a lost and broken generation!

While 2016 has been a year with some change in it, our goal, and mission as a ministry does not waver. We are committed to being a tooled, used by the local outpost so that they can become coming the premier ministry for mentoring Godly young men in their local comuunity.

God Bless,

Michael Holbrook



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