District Director’s Letter – April 2016

Hello Pastor’s and Royal Ranger Leaders,

Spring is upon us in the Hoosier state. At this time your NCAA bracket is probably more broken than my good friend Richard Himebrook’s favorite Ford truck…but that is a whole other story.

It has been a busy year already and we are just getting warmed up! Before I get into what is happening across our state in the ranger ministry; and how our national royal ranger council went this year I want to take a moment and thank all of you for your hard work and willingness to mentor the young men of your congregation! The effectiveness and heart of this ministry is not measured by those that serve in district, national, or regional positions; but it is the men and women who faithfully mentor the young men of their local church each week. Thank you for investing in this future generation of men!

Indiana Ranger Derby

We had a great time at Lakeview Church for our annual Ranger Derby! Boys, girls, and adults all gathered to race to see who was the fastest! We had 122 racers total for our largest race yet! Jeff Tomlinson, from Marion Lighthouse, delivered a great devotion to start off our race. We also had new electronic timers that allowed for a much quicker race time and exciting timed results.  Special congratulations to Christian Dunn our 2016 Indiana District Grand Champion! Here is a picture of the Derby track prior to us getting ready to race. Special thanks to Lakeview Church for opening your facility to the families of our district!


Campground Work Day

May 21st from 8am to 3 pm we will be gathering at the Lake Placid Retreat Center to be a blessing to our camp and the Ranger area! We have a couple projects in the ranger area we will be working on: the new archery range, the FCF Village Entrance, and the trimming of brush along the drive. These three projects will help get our area ready for use this summer.

We also will be helping out with any projects that our camp needs help with. There will be  further announcements to come as the day approaches. Please bring tools for clearing brush and smoothing the ground (saws, rakes, shovels, etc.)



Join us as the Spirit Awakens in our midst. Young men from across the state are invited to come and attend an action packed weekend at Rangerfest 2016! There will be group competitions for boys to compete in, individual competitions, and much more. Don’t forget the Great Pod Racer vehicle race happening on Saturday! Come expecting God to move mightily in you and all the other young men that you invite to come along.

It all starts June 10th at Lake Placid Conference Center in Hartford City, IN! Get more information on the Indiana Ranger website!


National Council

During the second week of March, district, regional and national royal ranger leadership gathered for the annual national council known as LEAD. The conference started with corporate prayer in a prayer model over our local churches, district leadership, regional and national leadership, royal rangers international, and our ministry teams.

We talked about the new FCF experiences. The new FCF workbooks are available on the national FCF website and are open for anyone to download and look at. The new experiences offer an exciting trek for a young man to purposefully advance on to become a Warrior for our Heavenly King!

Royal Ranger Leaders, Pastors, and Parents from across the United States have been contacting the national office about the changes made to the significance of the Gold Medal of Achievement within the Royal Ranger ministry. Many of them have discussed how the effort to earn the award under the 2010 advancement trail was not equivalent to the accomplishment that the award has historically represented (historically the award has been the equivalent of 6 years worth of work.

Due to the sheer volume of feedback coming from the above mentioned sources the national office realized that a disservice had been done to the Gold Medal of Achievement and created an action committee from these people groups to address this matter. This year at our national gathering the following updates were approved by the executive royal ranger committee:

The Gold Medal of Achievement will again be the highest award a Royal Ranger can earn. It can be earned by completing two of the highest awards of the three older age groups in rangers (Discovery Rangers – Gold Eagle, Adventure Rangers  – Adventure Gold, or Expedition Rangers – E3). Earning the highest award in three groups (RK through ER) will add the wearing of a Gold star on the GMA and be  considered a Gold Medal of Achievement earned with merit. Completing the fourth age group highest award will add a second star and will be considered a GMA earned with honor. The GMA will only be awarded once, and the stars will be embellishments that can be added to the GMA, much like the buffaloes used historically.

More information will be sent out to our churches in the near future, but this is your initial notice that at the end of 2016 the GMA will be moved from it’s current place at the end of the adventure ranger trail (only requiring 3 years of work) to it’s place of historical equivalence. Replacing the current awards in the adventure trail will be the Adventure Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards respectively. A more detailed update will be coming out soon, but if you have a boy close to finishing his three year advancement trail in adventure rangers, please make sure he completes it this year so he does not miss out!

District Staff

I am pleased to announce that Chris Rodak, from Southgate church is joining the district team as our Northwest Divisional Commander. Chris’ contact information will be appearing on the district site in the next couple of days! Please welcome him, and feel free to contact him for any Royal Ranger questions from the Northwest area of our state!

Our Nehemiah project fundraising is on it’s way. If you would like to give, or have questions please feel free to contact myself at mjholbrook@att.net

Praying for a great harvest of souls in 2016 as you lead the young men of your Outposts to walk closer to Christ! Indiana Rangers…Be Intentional!

God Bless,

Michael Holbrook


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